It has been a long time since I blogged anything on the last time. I am not the person to write down everything I do, in fact, I rarely write anything down.

Now I have migrated a lot of stuff from my old server Nandus to his replacement Rondra. Since Mail and Icinga are up and running, the next to-do was my website … which you are currently looking at.

It is (again) based on Jekyll, but not trusted to my Mac, which deleted my (external!) time capsule backups after a reinstall… This jekyll is running on my PC, with automatic daily ZFS snapshots.

This blog will be about the “nerdy” things I do: hard- and software projects, server administration, Icinga stuff and so on. There will also be a politics related blog (well, it already is there but not ready to be shown), if you prefer something like that.