Sea computing project

I once built ansible playbooks to deploy a kubernetes cluster. It was a mess and the machines I deployed it to were all VMs on the same host.

A week ago, I rented 3 new virtual servers and asked for names on twitter. I soon got the names “atlantic, pacific and indian”, which gave me the inspiration to call the entire project “sea-computing”.

Sea-Computing is my personal kubernetes cluster currently running on 4 nodes (where 3 are also controller nodes). The cluster is completely deployed with Ansible and uses docker as container engine.

Unusual in this cluster is the lack of a CNI plugin. I automatically configure IPv4 and IPv6 networks for every worker node and configure docker to use the right network. Communication is done with static routes over a Tinc VPN network.

I was surprised how well this works and started porting some applications from virtual machines to containers on this cluster.