One of the reasons I seldom updated my blog, was fearing I’d break something. It was based on jekyll and I did not really knew what I was doing when creating it in the first place, but it kinda worked so I never changed things.

Today I wanted to add a link back to my mastodon profile, to have this nice green-ish validated entry. I did not find an easy way to do this, found out I used a lot of very legacy stuff and though F*** this shit, make it new and with Hugo. At least I know Hugo more than Jekyll and I even got paid to build a website for someone and used Hugo with great success.

I tried to make the design a bit happier. It was gray in gray back then, now it matches my other websites a bit more. This seems to become a corporate design. Well, let’s see what stays when my designer finds time to do something for me.

So let’s see if I update this blog more often now, at least I’m running out of excuses to not do so.